Active Brothers

Name Officer Position

Sarah Golrick

Aubrey Monks VP-Service
Dana Matthews VP-Membership
Foram Patel VP-Fellowship
Vicki Allen Inter-Fraternal
Maria Urso Treasurer
Cesyl (CJ) Adina Secretary
Shila Koswatta Pledge Master
Matt Dauner Historian
Evan Bello Sergeant-At-Arms     

Spring 06 Active Members

Ashli Lohman

Aubrey Monks

Beckey Rood

Cesyl (CJ) Adina

Dana Matthews

Diana Nowicki

Chris Kim

Dan Han

Eugene Aquino

Evan Bello

Foram Patel

Giovanni Aviles

Grace Frederick

Jackie Ramos

Jacob Chacko

Janelle Galto

Kerry Lisman

Matt Dauner

Michael Sajor

Neill Tabotabo

Ralph Debulgado

Sarah Goldrick

Shila Koswatta



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