This year's Pledge Master is Jonathan Knutsen

Description of the position

As pledge master, I am in charge of helping to organize the pledge meetings and activities done by the pledges. The Vice President of Membership, Aimée Hartl, and I have done what I consider to be an excellent job this year. Not only did we have one of the largest pledge classes ever in Sigma Sigma's history, but also one of the most active.

I feel most of the credit should go to the pledge class. The members of the pledge class were organized and dedicated. They organized a fund-raiser, a service project and a fellowship which almost all members attended. The fund-raiser of this pledge class was also the most successful in Sigma Sigma's history, raising over $300

I would like to thank Aimée for all that she did, and let her know that next semester will be better than ever before!! :-)

Congratulations on a job well done pledges

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