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President of the Sigma Sigma Chapter is Cory Listner

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Description of Office

The position of president has many tasks. These tasks include: heading weekly meetings, keeping order, help executive members do jobs correctly, keeping everyone happy :-), solving conflicts, and last but not least, paperwork.

I am also in charge of keeping in contact with all members, inactive members, alumni, and advisors. I install feelings of teamwork, support and friendship in the people I contact.

I am proud to say this year has been a very successful year for the Sigma Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. We had one of the largest pledge classes in the history of this chapter, and hoping to have an even larger pledge class next semester. The Sigma Sigma chapter has steadily grown since I became a member over 2 years ago. Hopefully, we will continue to grow in the future.
Cory Listner