Conference Registration Information:

  • Advanced Registration Dates: Feb 8th through March 8th, 2006

  • Cost for Registration: $30

  • After Advanced Registration: $35

  • T-shirt Info will come to you soon!

  • $5.00 1-day CTA pass available from us, if you want to get rid of the driving hassle on Saturday.  This must be preordered, we will not have extras at the registration table.  You can also order CTA passes through the mail, but be sure to order them early enough to receive them in time! See 1-day pass on the City Transportation page for more info.

  • To register, go here

  • Register Here

Hotel Information:

   Congress Plaza Hotel

      520 S Michigan Ave
      Chicago, IL 60605
      Phone: 312-427-3800

   Hotel Costs APO Style:
      Only $99 a night for one room and $23 to park a night.
      Note: This room rate is only for 2 people, not 4! So if you intend to have more than 2 people in a room, don't tell
       the hotel that when you reserve your room, otherwise you'll be charged an extra $25 per person.

      Multiply those costs by 2 nights and the total is $244.   
      Divide this cost by four people per room and its only: $61

  • When you call the hotel to make room reservations, be sure to say you're reserving under "Alpha Phi Omega Tri-Sectionals." You may have problems getting the correct rates applied if you don't say that.

  • Deadline for Special Room Rate: March 8th, 2006

  • If you register after March 8th, your room will cost $119 a night

  • Every room has a view of the lake or of the skyline