Also, see the Schedule page for further reference! Note: Launch, Achieve, & Discover and Explore are ALL confirmed and will all be offered!!!


Seven Ways to Use Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions in Business…and in Life!
Cheryl O'Donoghue, President of Business Insights
   Offered at 9:00 during Workshops Session 1
WARNING:  This provocative session contains elements that cannot be proven with empirical evidence or data...and therefore, in our left-brain dominated world, can raise eyebrows.  The topic is “business intuition” and how you can use it to be more successful in business…and in life!
You’ll learn 7 ways to develop your business intuition further, balance it more expertly with your intellect, make more effective decisions and ultimately, experience greater personal and professional satisfaction....all in 60 minutes!

The Art of Engagement…or caving in the college crossfire - Becoming a Better Presenter
Chris Kuypers, UIC College of Engineering Counselor
   Offered at 9:00 & 12:30 during Workshops Sessions 1 & 3
Presentation and communication skills fortify your defenses for college and life!  Learn to “engage” your mind and empower yourself for the demands of your classes and colleagues.   Dare to be different and learn beyond the classroom!

Chapter Long Range Planning
Nick Wolf, Region VI Alumni Development Chair
   Two-Part Workshop: Part I offered at 9:00 during Workshops Session 1 and Part II offered at 10:00 during Workshops Session 2
Part I:  Planning for Everyone
Do you find CPPC's (if you have them) to be non-productive and an endless list of complaints?  Do you talk so much about things that you never have time to do something about it?  By providing a fresh way to conduct chapter planning activities, such as a CPPC, you will learn concrete ways to conduct planning that will show the best opportunities to improve and generate buy in by the whole chapter.
 Part II:  Project Planning & Execution
Having developed the ideas your chapter wishes to pursue as a chapter, this course will help you increase the chance that your chapter will follow through on those ideas.  It's hard for students, with many different priorities, to keep vigilant in the pursuit of goals.  You'll learn project planning and management techniques to keep your chapter on track towards its goals.

Introduction to Meditation
Sandhya Matthews, Holistic Heath Educator, Therapist
   Offered at 10:00 & 1:30 during Workshops Sessions 2 & 4
You either live enhancing inner peacefulness or live being run by stress. 
Meditation is effective and scientific, research has proven the incredible positive effect meditation can have on your life.  It is a unique and invaluable resource, simple, systematic, yet profound. Guidance into the unfamiliar aspects of mind and meditation will be given. We will cover simple meditative postures, breathing, relaxation techniques, and the use of universally used mantras to improve concentration, peace of mind and reduce the effects of stress. 
Best of all…you will learn to contribute to the uplifting of humanity one mind at a time.

My Chapter Does This – A Roundtable Discussion
Victoria Allen, Interfraternal – Sigma Sigma
Offered at 10:00 during Workshops Session 2
Got big ideas for your chapter?  Or do you need big ideas?  What aspects of APO Chapter Life does yours have down?  And where is your chapter doing not-so-great?  Come to this workshop and we’ll discuss several key issues APO Chapters struggle with and learn from each other! 

Risky Business: Risk Management is for Everyone
Mark Stratton, Region VI Director
   Offered at 12:30 during Workshops Session 3
You’ve no doubt heard the term “Risk Management” and probably have thought, “what does that mean?”  Sure, it addresses the issue of alcohol, but it also covers a great deal more.  This workshop will provide you with the background of Risk Management: what is it, what does it cover, and why is it important?  The workshop will also cover the process by which we conduct investigations into allegations of violations of the Risk Management and other Fraternity Policies.  Chapter officers are highly encouraged to attend, but because Risk Management is something we all need to observe, everyone is invited.

Taking It National- National Convention 2006
Julie Radetski, Section 51 Program/Events Vice-Chair & Region VI Awards Chair
   Offered at 12:30 during Workshops Session 3
Want to meet more than 2000 brothers, go to fantastic workshops, provide service to the nation and help make decisions that will take APO into the future?  The National Convention will be this December in Louisville, KY; home of the Kentucky Derby!  Come learn about what Nationals is and how you can be a part of this fun-filled week of brotherhood and service.

This is My Wheel - Get your own!  (Officer Transitions)
Jeremy Bingman, Section 51 Chair
   Offered at 1:30 during Workshops Session 4
Have you ever taken on a job and spent time trying to figure out what you needed to do, only to find out that your predecessor could have told you and saved you a ton of time?
In this workshop we'll talk about ways to transition responsibilities, find what questions to ask, and get you started from day one. We'll also see how there is more than just handing over the "keys" and talk about building a leadership 'pipeline' by identifying potential leaders and preparing them.

Ceremonies- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sol Roberts-Lieb, Section 50 Chair
   Offered at 1:30 during Workshops Session 4
Brothers, are you tired of ceremonies that suck? Brothers who don't know how to say sword (pronounced SORD)? The chuckling in the back? The uncomfortable pause as everyone tries to figure out what do to next? Scared that the room may catch on fire? If you are, then come to this workshop. We will answer all of your ceremony questions, and demonstrate a complete pledging ceremony (candles and all). Observe staff and alumni perform a truly great ceremony. NOTE:
Actives and Alumni only. Pledges and neophytes, come see us next year.

Soliciting Corporate Sponsorship
Mike Crehen, Director of Campus Programs, UIC
   Offered at 9:00 during Workshops Session 1

Been looking for money in all the wrong places? Have a big event that could use a little extra something? Learn how to work with corporate sponsors to meet your event goals and to help take your event to the next level.


We plan to offer four of the five APO LEADS courses: Launch, Explore, Achieve, & Discover. Currently all are confirmed except Explore, but things look positive. We'll keep you updated. See the Schedule page for specific times. Note: Each individual attendee may enroll in only one LEADS course during this convention. This is assure everyone has an opportunity to at least attend one LEADS, and also ensures a more balanced attendance among the workshops and LEADS courses. When you register (follow the link on the Registration page), you will have the option of choosing which (if any) LEADS course you want to enroll in.