Don't stop at just becoming a member, get involved! Attending Eboard meetings is one of the best ways to get your opinions expressed, let them know what you think, and what you would like to see. Join a committee, besides the advantage of fulfilling any of your ideas, you gain the experience of working with a team as well as leadership skills, both of which are highly important to your future career's success. MeSA is always looking for individuals, that not only have big dreams, but that are willing to fullfill them. If you see anything you would like to be a part of, feel free to contact either the Chair of the Committee or the Eboard.

Executive Board

Aasia Mohammed

The main responsibility of the President is tht MeSA runs smoothly. This involves
managing the rest of the E-board, directing and initiating projects, presiding over
meetings, reporting to the E-board. The President is the voice of MeSA.


Uriel Sandoval

The Vice-President is the President's enforcer. The President and Vice
President have the same responsibilites, they share and delegate work.


Yuvia Roman

The Secretary is responsible for sending e-mails,  writing up letters,  taking down
minutes at meeting,  addressing questions,  filling out paperwork,  assembling
annual report log and presenting it to the Eboard.


Adriana Fernandez

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping MeSA's budget, overseeing money to
and from MeSA, recording membership, and writing up a semester report
to present to Eboard.

Sergeant of Arms

Sindi Palomino

The Sergeant of Arms is responsible for taking attendance at
both General and Eboard meetings, and must enforce MeSA's policies
on both members and the Eboard.


Yuvia Roman

The Webmaster is responisble for keeping up the MeSA webpage. This
involves not only updating, but adding anything that may be necessary.


Sindi Palomino

Rodolfo Aguilar

The Historian works closely with the Secretary to record the history of MeSA.
This also involves and taking pictures at events and putting them together
for use on the webpage or a scrapbook.


Chair:  Aasia Mohammed

Outreach is works closely with External Affairs. This committee is responsible
for setting up events that allow MeSA to reach out to the community.

Internal Affairs

Chair:  Jesse Iniguez

The Internal Affairs Committee is the connection between MeSA and the
UIC community. The Committee was set up to communicate and make connections
with other student organizations, plus inform MeSA of any important changes in
UIC policy or ways it can contribute to the UIC community. The Chair
must report to the Eboard.

External Affairs

Chair:  Oscar Ramirez

External Affairs works closely with Outreach, and is MeSA's connection to the community
outside of UIC. The Committee was set up to communicate and make connections with
organizations in the Latino Community.


Chair:  Yuvia Roman

The Education Committee is responsible for setting up events that benefit MeSA's members
academically or professionally, including workshops, tutoring sessions, and the Latino
Mentorship Program. The committee's main goal is to fulfill the section of MeSA’s mission
pertaining to the promotion of higher education.

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Cultural/Special Events

Chair:  Uriel Sandoval

The Cultural/Special Events Committee was created to set up cultural events
as well as any type of social events.

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Chair:  Open

The Fundraising Commitee gathers to think up, and set up ways for MeSA to fundraise.
The Chair of this commitee must report to Eboard.

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