The Mexican presence has been prominent through out the United States. However, our social, political, cultural and economic contributions have not been   recognized nor have they been counted as part of U.S. history. We are the missing pages!

  Due to European/U.S. colonization, Mexicans have become the martyrs of U.S. history. Therefore, we aim to continue our struggle and to make sure that   AZTLAN's legacy is included in the U.S. history.

  ME.S.A. was established in the fall of 1993. Although there were several Latino student organizations on campus, there was no organization that primarily   addressed Mexican issues. As a result ME.S.A. emerged.


  • To represent the Mexican community at UIC.

  • To investigate all policies and procedures affecting Mexican students/community welfare.

  • To initiate formal recommendations for changes (in all formal institutions) in existing policies and procedures.

  • To promote unity, creativity and understanding about the Mexican community by implementing programs and projects.

  • To work in conjunction with the Rafael Cintron Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (RCOLCC) in sponsoring and generating bilingual, cultural and educational activities that will enhance the communication, retention and achievements of all Mexican/Latino students.

  • To promote communication and improve relations between all UIC students, faculty and administration.


  ME.S.A.'s success can be attributed to the commitment of all of its members and their identification with the pressing issues that ME.S.A. addresses. ME.S.A.   has gained the respect of the UIC campus, Pilsen, Little Village and other neighboring communities. ME.S.A.'s main legacy is the Annual "Escucha Mi Grito"   Conference that takes place the second and third weeks of September. The conference combines lectures, speakers and music to promote dialogue about   contemporary issues   affecting Mexicans and other Latin American groups.


Contact: yroman1@uic.edu