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"Together We Shall Seek the Noblest"

Alpha Psi Lambda, Zeta Chapter - Jan 2005
Alpha Psi Lambda

Los Impulsivos at Barn Dance - UofI - Oct 2005
 "Los Impulsivos"

We would like to welcome you to the official page of
Alpha Psi Lambda
Zeta Chapter

Alpha Psi Lambda is the nation's First and Largest Co-ed Latino oriented Social Greek Fraternity. We are family-based organization that breaks through sterotypical boundaries and eases its way into a plethora of cultures.
We are a unique Greek Fraternity where only the Noblest Brothers and Sisters come together to form the great family that Alpha Psi Lambda represents.

Alpha Psi Lambda Official Crest
Have any questions? Please contact our External Vice-PreZident:
Jesus "Kratos" Molina: molinajg81@yahoo.com
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