GSO Election 2007-2008 Candidates

Vice President

Erica Hess


Naomi Twigg



Please nominate someone who could:

* Keeps records of all meetings of the GSO

* Distributes the minutes to all GSO member

* Prepares the advertisement of GSO events and posts in the designated places


Poolsuk Janepanish

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mariann Piano


Dr. Dorie Schwertz


Rieko Kishi


Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative
Senate Representative

Anne Fink



Yoko Shimpuku

Srisuda Ngamkham


Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) Representative
International Student Representative

Nusara Prasertsri



Rowena Mariano



Daravan Rongmuang


Chen-Yi Wang

CON Research Committee Representative

Curriculum Committee Representative

Steve Stapleton


Yvoeen Hsiung



To see Job descriptions, please visit "Board Duties"