Sept 5th & Sept 6th
Meet the Student in Their Classes



  1. Brief intro of GSO to graduate students
  2. Announce GSO 1st meeting
  3. Hand out GSO flyers


Sept 12th, 12N-1pm, Room 159
First GSO Meeting




  1. GSO intro
  2. Needs assessment of students
  3. Announce GSO Activity/Party
  4. Discuss possibility of having fundraiser

Sept 12th, 12N-1pm, Room 139
How to write a competitive abstract


A presentation by Dr. JoEllen Wilbur

  Sept 19th, 4-5pm, 3rd Floor Lounge
Meet the Faculty!



Co-sponsored with Sigma Theta Tau.
Students are invited to have cheese and wine.
Faculty present will say a few lines about their areas of research.


Oct 4th, 12N-1pm, Room 143
2nd GSO Meeting



  1. Announce Open GSO positions
  2. A brief demonstration of how to make a poster
  3. Plan Halloween Party
    ** Lunch will be provided **

Oct 11th, 12N-1pm, 3rd Floor Lounge
Presentation about Current Activities of UIC at the Global Level



  1. Speaker: Dr. Allan Lerner, Associate Provost and Executive Director of the UIC Office of International Affairs
  2. Co-sponsored with Global Health Leadership Office
  Oct 18th, 12N - 1pm, Room 143
Library workshop

Mini-seminar regarding literature search by PubMed and CINAL

  Oct 25th, 12N - 1pm, Room 105
PhD101: Meet with Dr. Foreman

Meeting Agenda



Review of PhD Handbook to find out details of

  • prelims
  • NUSC 585
  • information about writing dissertation proposal, and
  • questions
  Oct 31th, 11:30am-1:30pm, 3rd Floor Lounge
Halloween Party!



Mid-Semester Party Purpose

  1. Take a break from school and Have Fun
  2. Enjoy the season
  3. Get together (enjoy times with friends)



GSO Travel Awards!
Deadline for Application: Nov 1st


    Available to any nursing graduate student traveling for a conference from July 1, 2006 - Dec. 31, 2006.

Application Guideline

Application Form

Tuesday, Nov 7th, 12N-1pm, Room 159
3rd GSO Meeting



  1. Sum Halloween Party
  2. Sum doctoral student meeting
  3. Officer reports
  4. Sweatshirt update
  5. Christmas service


Wednesday, Dec 6th, 12N-1pn, Room 143
4th GSO Meeting
  Master 101
Date & Time: TBA
    will be held during the spring semester (Jan/Feb.)  
  PDA Workshop
Date & Time: TBA
      will be held in March/April