Graduate Student Nurses Organization

Job Description President

  • An organizer and communicator
  • Sets up meetings dates, reserves the room, and coordinates with the regions if the meeting is teleconferenced
  • Proposes meeting agendas and helps with coordination of nearly all GSNO events
  • Works with the Treasurer to ensure the GSNO money is spent appropriately and completely
  • Sits on the Commencement Committee (4-5 meeting/year) to provide communication between graduate students and commencement planning
Vice President
  • Assists the President at the President's request
  • Ensures that GSNO follows the bylaws and updates them as necessary
  • Prepares the ballot for elections of GSNO officers
  • Sets up the nomination and election process
  • Keeps records of all meetings of the GSNO
  • Distributes the minutes to all GSNO member
  • Prepares the advertisement of GSNO events and posts in the designated places
  • Maintains a bank account for the GSNO funds
  • Keeps track of and report all expenses, all income, and the balance of funds in the treasury
  • Orders the foods and drinks for all GSNO events
Research Committee Rep
  • Participates in the school research meeting to review research proposals from the college of nursing awarded by the committee from a budget line item in the College of Nursing.
Curriculum Committee Rep
  • Participate in curriculum faculty meetings (There are 2 meetings each semester which last approximately 2 hours each. One is usually towards the beginning of the semester and then one at the end. Sometimes they call special meetings as needed. They are held during the day, but the day and time tends to change based on the faculty's schedules)
  • Attend the curriculum subcommittees meeting (Those are held monthly for about an hour. These are very informative but not necessary for the position)
Graduate Student Council (GSC) Rep
  • Representatives are expected to serve a one year term (Aug 1 to July 31)
  • There are approximately five meeting per year (on Thurs 5pm to 7pm)
  • Each representative is required to have an alternative representative
  • GSC reps will bring concerns from their constituents to the meetings to be discussed
  • Reps must be enrolled for one half of the minimum hours required for full time status
  • GSC reps publicize activities of the GSC to graduate students
Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) Rep
  • Attend monthly meetings, Thursdays 5-7pm; Food is served (Two Reps from CON are expected to attend every meeting and need to stay for the entire meeting)
  • HPSC reps will bring information and/or concerns from their constituents to the HPSC meetings to be discussed
  • HPSC reps publicize activities of the HPSC to graduate students
Senate Rep
  • Participate in the highest faculty decision-making body at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Attend meetings and discuss issues that are beneficial to graduate students
International Student Rep
  • Being available to represent the interests of international graduate students
  • Promote activities among international graduate students and national graduate students
Webmaster GSNO Faculty Advisor
  • The advisor will provide advice as needed for the GSNO
  • The advisor will need to be available to sign forms from time to time
  • He/she is not required to attend GSNO meetings or events
Regional Representatives: To be discussed.

Who Do We Benefit

700 graduate students of different nations and ethnicities on five campuses working towards a masters or a doctoral degree in nursing.


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