Officer Job Description

President: lead all meetings, coordinate the activities of the GSO, request volunteers/appoint to ad hoc committees, and represent the GSO body at official undergraduate nursing student organization meetings, on the Student-Faculty Committee, and at breakfast meetings with the Dean.

Vice-President: act for the President at the President's request an assume the responsibility of either the President, the Secretary, or the Treasurer, in their absence and directs the nomination and election process.

Secretary: keep records of all meetings of the GSO, distribute the minutes to all GSO members and organize GSO old/new documents and post copies of the flyers/minutes in all designated places.

Treasurer: responsible for GSO all proporties including bank account for the GSO funds and cash. All expenses and income need to be recored in detail and report to all members at the beginig and end of semester.

Curriculum Representative: participate the curriculum faculty meeting to review curriculum changes and to discuss the issues that students have with the various curriculums prior to attending the meetings. Speaking with students from the various graduate programs is recommended.

Research Representative: participate the school research meeting to review research proposals from the college of nursing awarded by the committee from a budget line item in the College of Nursing.

Graduate Student Council Representatives (GSC): participate the GSC meeting (four or five times per year) to review issues beneficial to graduate student e.g., student health insurance, and research assistantships.

Health Student Professional Council Representatives (HPSC): participate the HPSC monthly meeting to review issues beneficial to health professional students e.g., Travel awards and Project awards.

Senate Representative: participate the University of Illinois at Chicago meetings and to discuss issues that is beneficial to graduate students.

International Representative: assist in international student advocacy and activities on an as needed basis.

PhD Advisory Board:

Webmaster: shall create and maintain GSO website and organize e-mail listserv of GSO officers.