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Volunteer at the InTouch Hotline

The InTouch Crisis Hotline program at UIC helps students develop and apply counseling skills.  Through Psychology 386 (Crisis Counseling Techniques I), students are trained in basic counseling skills, crisis intervention techniques, and other topics relevant to crises and counseling.  Experience as a paraprofessional volunteer can help students later in graduate programs in social work and psychology, as well as in human resources programs in business. Previous liners report that the "people skills" they learn are invaluable, and many have moved on to work productively in the helping professions. 

Psychology 386 is a course designed to develop skills needed to volunteer at the Hotline.  Enrollment in this course is required for all volunteers, but does not guarantee an invitation to work on the Hotline.  The instructors monitor the skill development of students throughout the course and make decisions regarding invitations to join the Hotline staff at the conclusion of the course.  Students who are invited to join the Hotline staff are expected to volunteer for one shift per week for 8 months, including one weekend shift per month, following the end of the semester. 

When students begin volunteering on the Hotline, they are have the option to register for Psychology 387 (Crisis Counseling Techniques II) for 1 credit hour.  Students can enroll in 387 for one semester only.

For Applied Psychology majors, Psychology 386 can be taken to fulfill one of the prerequisites for Psychology 385 (Fieldwork in Applied Psychology). Pending approval from InTouch Hotline administrators, students may also have the option to utilize the hotline to satisfy the internship requirement for Psychology 385.  Students who choose this option are required to volunteer TWO hotline shifts per week and complete a semester-long project relevant to their internship experience.

In Fall 2009, Psychology 386 will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:20 p.m. in the Student Services Building in the Counseling Center.  Students must complete an application and interview process in order to be granted permission to register for the course.  Other prerequisites include: PSCH 242; and PSCH 210 or PSCH 231 or PSCH 270.  You can obtain an application from the Counseling Center in SSB.

Alternatively, the application can be obtained on line at http://www.vcsa.uic.edu/MainSite/departments/counseling_center/in_touch_hotline/application.htm

For more information on the In Touch Hotline at UIC see the website at 

*Note: InTouch Crisis Hotline was formerly called PSCH 394 (Special Topics in Psychology).  PSCH 386 is the same class.  The course number is the only thing that has changed.

For more information, contact the Counseling Center at (312)996-3490.

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