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Spring 2013 Research Matchmaker

Want to get involved in a research lab in psychology?
Interested in volunteering, or earning PSCH 396 or Honors Activity credit? 

Come to Matchmaker to hear about some of the labs looking for Undergraduate RAs for Fall 2012!

When: Friday, January 18th 2013
Where: 140 BSB 4-5:30PM

4:00-4:05 Welcome to Matchmaker
Presenters: Josephina Frankovich (Secretary) and Gaby Lopez (Vice President)

4:05-4:15 Psychology Advisors: 
How to register for PSCH 396
Presenters: Stuart Robinson (stuartr@uic.edu) and Caitlin Wojkowski (catlinw@uic.edu)

4:15-4:20 Representation and Interpretation of Literary Texts
Presenter: Stephen Briner: sbriner@uic.edu
Cognitive Psychology
396 Section: Dr. Susan Goldman
Contact: Katie McCarthy: kmccart5@uic.edu

4:20-4:25 Efficacy Studies on the Connected Chemistry Curriculum
Presenter/Contact: Dr. Stephanie Ryan scunni2@uic.edu
Cognitive Psychology
396 Section: Dr. Mike Stieff
Group website: www.chem.uic.edu/stieff/

4:25-4:30 Study of Children with Bipolar Disorder: The Effects of Child- and Family-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Presenter/Contact: Amy Peters, apeters@psych.uic.edu
Clinical Psychology/Psychiatry
396 Section: Dr. Amy West

4:30-4:35 The Effect of Morally Convicted Interactions on Executive Functioning Promoting Good or Preventing Bad? Moral Conviction and Regulatory Fit 
Presenter/Contact: Brittany Hanson, bhanso5@uic.edu
Social Psychology
396 Section: Dr. Linda Skitka

4:35-4:40 Evaluation of Instructional Validity in Mathematics Classrooms
Presenter/Contact: Lisa Jones - lcmackey@uic.edu
Cognitive Psychology
396 Section: Dr. Jim Pellegrino

4:40-4:45 Religion in the Hallways: An Ecological Examination of the School Experiences of Muslim Adolescents in U.S. Public High Schools
Presenter: Noor Wazwaz, nwazwa2@uic.edu
Community Psychology and Prevention Research
396 Section: Dr. Edison J. Trickett
Contact: Ashmeet Oberoi, aobero3@uic.edu
Noor Wazwaz nwazwa2@uic.edu

4:45-4:50 Women's Stress and Support Study
Community Psychology and Prevention Research
Presenter and 396 Section: Dr. Sarah Ullman
Contact: seullman@uic.edu

4:50-4:55 Examining the Representation of Human Diversity in Evaluations of School-Based Universal Social and Emotional Learning Programs
Presenter/Contact: Hillary Rowe (hrowe2@uic.edu)
Community Psychology and Prevention Research
396 Section: Dr. Edison J. Trickett

4:55-5:00 Constructing a multidimensional model of the relationships between gender non-conforming identity and expression, metal health, and social support/validation
Presenter/Contact: Laura Kuper, lkuper2@uic.edu
Clinical  Psychology
396 Section: Dr. Dina Birman

5:00-5:05 Precisely Timed Perceptual-Motor Skill: Serial Interception Sequence Learning (SISL)
Presenter and 396 section: Dr. Eric W Gobel, egobel@uic.edu
Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience

5:05-5:10 Animal models of adolescent alcohol consumption and impulsive behavior
Presenter: Matt McMurray, mcmurray@uic.edu
Behavioral Neuroscience
396 Section: Dr. Jamie Roitman
Contacts: jroitman@uic.edu or mcmurray@uic.edu

5:10-5:15 Bitch to Quit
Presenter: Natalie Ross
396 Section: Dr. Alicia Matthews
Contact: mariav@howardbrown.org

5:15-5:20 PSCH 386: Crisis Counseling Techniques I and the InTouch Hotline
Presenter Dr. Luis Salas lsalas2@uic.edu

5:20-5:35 Family Study of Emotion and Physiology 
396 Sectiom: Stew Shankman 
Presenter: Alison DeLizza, adelizza@uic.edu


Only a portion of UIC's Psychology research labs present at Matchmaker each semester.  For additional research opportunities see UIC's Undergraduate Research Experience website at: http://www.ure.uic.edu/or see UIC's Liberal Art & Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiatives (LASURI) website at http://www.uic.edu/las/students/lasuri/
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