The Veterans in Engineering Library


Our library is currently housing books and course notes (hard copies & digital) for nearly every engineering major at UIC. Stop by the office to browse the library, which is organized by major and by class number. Thanks goes out to Helda for organizing all of these materials for us. Also, at the end/beginning of every semester we strongly encourage all of our members to donate whatever they can to the library. This can be text books from the previous semester, lecture notes, or anything that you feel could help other fellow members down the road.


Textbook Exchange Program: If you donate a book to the library that we already have but your edition is newer, we will give you the previous edition for you to keep as a reference. This ensures that the person donating the book can still have a book for reference, and people looking to check the book out in the future will have the latest edition availale to them. If we continue to do this, our library will never become outdated and in the end it will benefit us all.


Please email us ( if you would like to donate materials to the library, and we can setup a time to meet at the office. Thank you all for your help on this one.