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NDSU Regional Coordinators

West Coast:
Stephanie Takemoto
P.O. Box 366
Orange, CA 92856
Phone number: 714-997-8307
Fax number: 413-473-6719

E-mail: stakemoto@socal.rr.com

Central US:
Marlin Thomas
2735 E. Broadway
Alton, IL 62002
Phone number: (618) 462-0116

Fax number: (618) 474-5309
E-mail: marsbar75@yahoo.com

Southern US:
Tai Tomasi
E-mail: ttomasi@uark.edu

East Coast:
Northeast: Isaac Huff

Southeast: Joe Hall
E-mail: joesworld81@hotmail.com

NDSU Media Coordinator:
Cal Montgomery
E-mail: CKMont@aol.com

NDSU Outreach and Program Development Coordinator:
Leroy Moore, Disability Advocates of Minorities Organizations
E-mail: sfdamo@yahoo.com


NDSU Legislative Coordinator:
Joe Hall
E-mail: joesworld81@hotmail.com

NDSU Parent Coordinator:
Sarah Ailey
E-mail: Sarahailey@cs.com

Sarah Triano
3948 W. Waveland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone number: (773) 463-4776
Fax number: (773) 463-5154
E-mail: strian1@uic.edu

Daniel Davis
E-mail: ddavis@uclink4.berkeley.edu

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For more information, contact Sarah Triano at 773-463-4776 (V/Relay), 773-463-5154 (Fax) or at strian1@uic.edu

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