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The People's Right to Equality Comes Before the "States' Right" to Discriminate.

The National Disabled Students Union (NDSU) is a national, cross-disability, student organization. We recognize all disabled people - those with traditionally recognized disabilities and those who have often been left out of the movement - as our brothers and sisters, and we recognize all students - those who work to learn, whether or not they are at recognized schools - as our colleagues.

The NDSU was founded on February 21, 2001, in response to the US Supreme Court decision limiting the enforcement of Title I of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama et al. v. Garrett et al). Students with disabilities throughout the United States realized the far-reaching impact of this decision, and we oppose the Supreme Court's pattern of undercutting civil rights legislation in America. Although the Garrett decision still requires the states to treat disabled and nondisabled employees equally, it makes enforcement of the law more difficult.

Therefore, we recognized the need for a concerted, nation-wide response that would put the Supreme Court - and the rest of the American public - on notice that students with disabilities in this country will no longer accept anything less than full participation, full equality, full justice, and the full dignity and respect that we (and all people with disabilities) deserve as equal human beings. Therefore, on Tuesday, April 17, 2001, we will come together with our allies in a nationwide demonstration of our opposition to the weakening of basic rights in the United States.

We will mobilize and organize students with disabilities throughout the nation in order to continue the legacy of empowerment and community solidarity that is our heritage. As one of the great leaders of our movement, Justin Dart, once said, "We are here, we are united, and we are proud." We will work to ensure that all disabled students have the opportunities they need to learn, the opportunities they need to live and work, and the opportunities they need to be full participants in their communities and full members of American society.

For more information, contact Sarah Triano at 773-463-4776 (V/Relay), 773-463-5154 (Fax) or at strian1@uic.edu

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