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An annual regional conference is hosted by the American Socity of Civil Engineers. Universities all over the midwest are invited to attend this conference and compete in a series of competitions including the most notably the concrete canoe and the steel bridge. In addition, an environmental competition, geotechnical, most recently surveying, and technical paper. In the spring of 2011, UIC won 1st Place over all at Conference which was the first time in history! It was a great accomplishment and it could not have been done without the dedication and commitment of all the ASCE student members. We hope to continue defending this title for future years to come.

The following are the rankings from last spring's competition:

Steel Bridge 3rd Place
Concrete Canoe 5th Place
Geotechnical 1st Place
Environmental 2st Place
Surveying 1st Place
Technical Paper 2nd Place

The steel bridge team placed 3rd at regionals, allowing them to compete at nationals held at Texas A&M. This had not been done for many many years.

You can find the rules to the competitions for the 2012 Conference that will be held at Bradley University below. If you are interested in any of these competitions please contact Conference Chair Sary at lamsary@hotmail.com.



Technical Paper


Concrete Canoe

Steel Bridge

Mystery Design

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