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Why Become an ASHRAE Student Member?

ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 50,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society. Among them are students, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, and employees of manufacturing companies, educational institutions, research organizations, government or any organization concerned with environmental control. Members range from students to longtime engineers and professionals in other related disciplines such as architecture and medical research.

There are four main grades of ASHRAE membership: Member; Associate Member; Affiliate Member; and Student Member.
Descriptions of All Membership Grades other than Student Member.

The following section describes Student Membership:

Student Members are sponsored by full-grade Members or Associate Members. The student must be studying or have an interest in an HVAC&R industry-related field. A student eligible for ASHRAE student membership is a person matriculated in an approved course of study in a university, college, junior college, or technical institute, who is being educated in the arts and sciences covered by the Society's objectives.

Student status terminates one year after leaving school or graduating. A student may advance from student to regular member status during the first year following graduation WITHOUT paying the $140.00 dues fee at the time of application. An application form must be completed and returned to ASHRAE (Student Upgrade Membership Application). Students are still required to pay the $16.00 annual dues during the membership year of transfer.

Over 5,000 students are taking advantage of belonging to ASHRAE. The following areas represent the benefits you'll receive as a student member.

Monthly ASHRAE Journal
The official monthly publication of the Society explores issues such as indoor air quality, energy management, solar developments, and more.

ASHRAE Insights
ASHRAE's monthly newspaper, ASHRAE Insights, is devoted exclusively to news and information about the Society at every level including news of special interest to students. Students are encouraged to submit articles and pictures of current student branch activities, award presentations, etc.

The HVAC&R Industry eNewsletter
The HVAC&R Industry eNewsletter is produced in HTML format and issued on a weekly basis. Best of all, it's free to both ASHRAE members and non-members. Click here to find out more about this benefit:

Publication Discounts
Student members qualify for considerable discounts on many ASHRAE publications including a more than 70% discount on the Handbook Series. Handbook volumes are available at a cost of $39.00 each and may be purchased at this price anytime during your student membership. Educational discounts are available on other publications.

As an ASHRAE student member, you may participate in the following programs the Student Design Project Competition, Grants-in-Aid, Society and Local Scholarships, and Student Branch Activities. All of these programs are designed to enhance your future as an HVAC&R professional.

The Student Zone
The Student Zone web page offers valuable career and educational resources for ASHRAE Student Members. Students can obtain a list of accredited engineering institutions as well as tips on landing an exciting job in the HVAC&R industry.

- Meeting Registration to Winter and Annual ASHRAE meetings
- Student Activities at the Winter meeting.

The annual dues for ASHRAE student membership are $16.00 (This fee must accompany your application for membership. Click here to see the ASHRAE Student Membership Application. This is not an interactive form, so you will have to print it, complete it, and mail it to ASHRAE Customer Service). Please Note: Annual dues include U.S. $6.00 for ASHRAE Journal and this amount is not deductible from dues. The dues submitted along with your student application are applicable for one year from the date of election.