ASHRAE Meeting 4/5/06 at 12:00pm 

Viva Technology Days: · 50 students per school · paid volunteers to tutor kids · $100 per volunteer
· Total of 19 positions open. · 12 positions for 21st (location: Far south side) · 5-7 positions for 28th (location: Ashland & Cermak)
· Typical school hours 9-3.
Taste of UIC: · Next week. Wednesday 11-2pm · Food handling presentation Monday at 4pm. · During the Taste, at least 1 person that attended food handling · presentation must be present at the table.
· ASHRAE will hold a table selling bratwurst sausages. · Jaime and Nebojsa will pick up food Monday after presentation.
Architects Bowling Fundraiser, Friday 21. 7pm-12am: · Still not sure what kind of fund raising opportunity is present
ASHRAE is trying to start a student newsletter and is looking for ideas.
Remember to sign up for professional mentor tutoring. · Everybody sign up. ·
Plans for this summer: · Keep going. · Informal meetings and fund raising.
Get ASHRAE polo shirts to have for future events. · Mike Chimack will contact the woman that currently supplies IAC with shirts.
Plan for next semester: · 2 monthly general meetings per month. · Every month we will hold 1 executive meeting for planning followed by 1 12 O'clock   general meeting, followed by 1 5pm meeting. · Any guest presenters will be at 5pm meeting.
Meeting ended at 12:56pm.

ASHRAE Officer Meeting Agenda: October 31, 2005 Old Business: UIC Events: Regional Events/Scholarships: · Check November Intercom · November 8 – IL Chapter Meeting o Elk Grove Village · Dec 17 – Standard 90.1-2004 o Chicago - 7:30 – 4:30 Fundraising: · Concessions · LaSalle Bank – need non-profit tax ID Membership/Publicity: · Simon is new membership committee head · PESC meeting o Tuesday, Nov 1 – 5:00