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Bioengineering Volunteering Program



The mission of the UIC Bioengineering Volunteering Program (BVP) is to promote the field of bioengineering to students who have yet to enter college and to make positive contributions across the Chicagoland community. By presenting to high schools and offering hands-on laboratory sessions on UIC’s campus, BVP aims to instill knowledge, comprehension, interest, and intuition of what the field of bioengineering entails, its spectrum of applications, and the dynamic impact it has on society. The future of engineering and medicine relies on the young minds of today, making it imperative that students are exposed to the possibilities that accompany bioengineering at an early age. Furthermore, we aim to offer community service opportunities to all UIC bioengineers who wish to dedicate their time and efforts into making a difference in society.


Check out the three branches of BVP: