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Engineering World Health (EWH)










Who We Are

This is a period of great change for Engineering World Health and we invite you to share in our excitement, participate in our programs and support our ability to improve health care in developing countries.

The Board

Contact the EWH Board and see what you EWH offer!

Our mission

Engineering World Health inspires and mobilizes the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in vulnerable communities of the developing world. We achieve our mission through innovation and effective alliances with great partners.

Our vision

Engineering World Health will be recognized internationally as a leader in:

Our values

We place high value on:


EWH was established by Bob Malkin and Mohammad Kiani, professors at the University of Memphis, in 2001 with the aim of improving the technological infrastructure in developing country clinics and hospitals. Under the leadership of Bob Malkin, now a Duke University professor, and with help from a handful of volunteers, EWH has initiated and grown several programs, among which a student summer program, an equipment design program and EWH chapters, are the most prominent.




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