EWH Design Project Meetings for Week of 11/04/2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone’s week is going well.Here is what the EWH board has for you this week:

Tuesday, November 5th @ 5pm in SEL 4018 – Bedside Communication System

Interface/Design group -  Look into lowering cost for the device and interfacing different microphones.

Software group - Continue working on getting program to run. Develop message system for individual contacts.

Wednesday, November 6th @ 5pm in SEL 4018 – Stand Alone Surgical lamp

This week we will reconvene and discuss what research we’ve gotten so far…

Group 1 (Lighting) - Continue working on light system. Finalize a light-type to use and give group 2 an idea of how much power to draw.

Group 2 (Energy Source) - Bring design for a generator-type device and values for how much it can output. Also know, from group 1, how long power can be sustained for depending on requirements from light group.

Group 3 (Housing) - Keep up-to-date with dimensions required from groups 1 and 2 and further looking into design ideas. Start looking into price of materials to make the housing.

If you have any questions, please email Tanvi (tjatla2@uic.edu).Hope to see you all there,

EWH Board