EWH Meetings – Week of 10/07/2013

Hello Everyone,
Here is what the EWH board has for you this week:
Tuesday, October 8th @ 5pm in SEL 4018 – Inexpensive Bedside Communication System
This week we will begin learning how to use the Raspberry Pi and setting up the interface of the communication device. No programming experience is necessary, and Ryan will be giving a brief tutorial on the Raspberry Pi.


Wednesday, October 9th @ 5pm in SEL 4018 – Stand Alone Surgical lamp

This week we will reconvene and discuss what research we’ve gotten so far…

Group 1 – Keep exploring lighting systems and observe how much power they draw
Group 2 – Brainstorming ways of recharging our light (Fire, Solar, Generator, etc.)
Group 3 – Thinking of ideas for design of housing


NOTE: This week, we will not be having our GBM on Thursday. The next GBM (GBM 3) will be on October 17th @ 5pm in SEL 4018.

Hope to see you all there,
EWH Board