Stem Cell Society

The Stem Cell Society is an exciting BOA program that exposes members to the exciting world of stem cell research. Groundbreaking stem cell research conducted at UIC and around the world has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat patients and view medicine. As a member of the Stem Cell Society, you will benefit from the opportunity to gain insight into the forefront of Stem Cell Research.


Participants in UIC’s Stem Cell Society will have access to the following opportunities, among others:

  • Lab Tours, where members may explore laboratories involved with stem cell research.
  • Group discussions, where members meet collectively to engage in stimulating conversation and debate over the ethics of and new developments in stem cell research.
  • Establishing connections with leading industry and university professionals.


All of this and more is available to those who wish to join BOA’s Stem Cell Society. While it may appear as though this program is particularly inclined towards bioengineers who have already selected or are favoring the concentration of Cell & Tissue Engineering, the Stem Cell Society is open and available to all students, regardless of major or concentration With this in mind, a majority of what we do as an active organization will depend on the desires and interest of our members. This means that you as a member will get to vote and decide what it is you want to learn and discuss, as well as what labs you want to visit.


Some labs we may choose to tour include:

  • Imaging labs for our members interested in bioinformatics.
  • Neural engineering and neuroscience labs that would interest any of our possible members concentrating in neural engineering.
  • Biomedical research and technology labs that may not necessarily conduct stem cell research.


My hope as director is that members will become excited about the field they have chosen to establish their future careers in. Members should not only visualize the Stem Cell Society as another “club” they have decided to join, but as a necessary and vital tool they see as beneficial in the advancement of their education, goals, and career. Knowing that the Stem Cell Society has helped you or any other member in any way will be the definite sign that this program is accomplishing the goals that we at BOA have set.


Needless to say, here is to another excellent year!


Diego Sanchez

Stem Cell Society Director 2013-2014