The President of INFORMS crafts a vision for the organization, promotes it to external constituents, and takes appropriate action to ensure continued fiscal and operational viability. There are two dimensions to my vision. First, I believe we are at an important juncture in the development of our organization where we have an opportunity to use our capabilities, strengths, resolute commitment and passion to take INFORMS where we all should be proud of it. Second, INFORMS should continue on its path to becoming a truly global community. We have made progress, and should build on this through our existing strong relationships with corporate, alumni and staff members at UIC.

Vision for 2009 – 2010

  • Converge Career fair 2009 and Future Career fair - Nurture relationships that we have built with corporate, and ensure that career fairs are grand success
  • Information sessions - Conduct Information sessions by corporate
  • Sponsorship – Seeking Companies to sponsor the career fairs
  • Technology - Giving a new dimension to the INFORMS website and check feasibility to use student profile tool for sharing student profiles with the corporate
  • Alumni - Establish strong relationships with our alumni
  • Social Cause - Contribute to a social cause by helping and closely working with local NGO's
  • Networking Events and Meetings - Organize social networking events and meetings along with other student organizations
  • Workshops - Workshops for development and interest of the group and student benefits
  • Team Meetings - Regular team meetings to discuss progress and share ideas among the team members
  • Goal and Performance - Goal setting for each wing of INFORMS & evaluate their performance
  • Social Events - Organize social events for the team
  • New Members – Recruitment of new members in INFORMS

I understand the goals and aspirations of the board, faculty, staff and students at UIC and INFORMS. I would bring my enthusiasm and energy to help create an even stronger INFORMS.

Thank you Professor Westland, Professor Ranga, Professor Sid, Professor Yann Chang, John Karras, Rachel Morrow, Craig Conrad, Annette Clemens, Tracy Warner, Faisal Farooqui, Arun Muthalagu, Sam Chao, Jimmy Cruz INFORMS Board members, INFORMS team , IDSO Team for your co-operation and support till now, we hope you all will be always there for your co-operation and support to INFORMS.

Thanks and Regards,

Neeraj Jaisingaani
President, INFORMS
MIS Graduate Student Association
Liautaud Graduate School of Business, UIC