Habitat for Humanity at UIC

The UIC campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 5 pm, at Agape House, 1035 W. Polk (one block west of the main library.) Join us!

HAVE A HEART! Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Announcements from the national office Campus Chapters program:
Information about Habitat for Humanity International (lots of material about Habitat's history, why it is needed, national and international projects, links to chapters everywhere, and on and on...) is available by clicking here. The UIC chapter welcomes participation by all students, faculty, and staff regardless of religious affiliation. A brief fact sheet taken from a pamphlet of the international organization gives you a good start.

Here is an article which appeared in Engineering News - which explains what Habitat is all about. Even non-engineers will enjoy reading this piece!

Have a look at some photos of the sites we are working on currently.

Here is a note from the secretary- and now you can look at minutes of past meetings: 9/19/96, 9/26/96, 10/3/96, 10/10/96, 10/17/96, 10/24/96, 11/7/96, 11/14/96, 11/21/96, 1/16/97, and 2/6/97. all written in our secretary Rich Reyes' special style - fun to read!

Here is a list showing some of the current people involved with our chapter. (There are quite a few others besides these.)

A list of upcoming workdays is maintained for our work at the local site in Pilsen. The preferred number of workers on each day is 10 to 15. Sometimes some group of people who already know one another (a social organization, religious organization, etc.) sign up for the same workday, in which case the work not only helps the project at the site but also is a community-building event. It is necessary to sign up in advance if you wish to go on one of the workdays. To sign up, send email to Theresa Mikolajczyk, who is keeping track of signups for the workdays, by clicking here or calling her at 312/355-8343.

If you have never gone on a Habitat workday, please read this Information for volunteers. If you are interested in being a coordinator for one of the Habitat workdays, click here to read about the coordinator's responsibilities.

If you would like to add your name to the UIC Habitat email list, click here to send email saying so; fill in the subject line with Habitat email list and in the body of the email please give your name, paper-mailing address, telephone number, and any other information which you think is relevant.

Future events (other than the workdays, that is): Other organizations, other Illinois Habitat chapters, and events of interest to Habitat people

For further information about activities of the UIC Habitat chapter, please contact Dan Dale, at Agape House, phone 666-2676, or send him email by clicking here.

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