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Welcome to the UIC Chapter of NLVS

NLVS is an organization trying to MAKE A DIFFERENCE around the world through different universities. The first chapter of New Life Volunteering Society was established at The University of Illinois at Chicago in August of 1999 by Vijay Khiani. This society aims to alleviate the struggles of under represented individuals in the world. Currently there are multiple chapters throughout the nation.

What is New Life Volunteering Society all about?

Our professional organization offers services for disadvantaged people in need throughout the city of Chicago. Since the establishment, NLVS at UIC has been expanding its services. Every week, this organization offers tutoring to inner city Chicago students grades K-12. NLVS at UIC. Also our organization sponsors the Health Education Clinic to the residents of Chicago every week. NLVS board members also organizes many short term and long term service projects every month for anyone to participate in. Please click the appropriate links on the left for more information.


Why not should be the question? There are many reasons to join this organization. This is about helping others in need. This is the easiest way to volunteer in Chicago. NLVS at UIC is very organized. Being a part of NLVS gives you a chance to help in many ways easily through its different services. Working on projects in NLVS is a great learning experience. Members interact with other people all the time. Just by joining this organization you will be able to be part of different fun service projects every month, meetings, and even start tutoring other kids. NLVS is also about having fun in what you are doing. There is almost unlimited things you can do in NLVS. Please participate in this organization, click the application link on the left. This is a rapidly growing organization at UIC.

Our Mission

NLVS wants to serve as a link for all college students across the United States. Also, NLVS will continue to form connections with Third-World Countries in order to alleviate the suffering faced by individuals living in unsanitary conditions. Donations will also be made towards educating children from these countries in order to provide a way of improving their futures. Eventually, when fully established, NLVS aims to serve as a global organization that unites all countries, communities, and individuals for the common cause of helping those in need.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or making a contribution, please visit our Donations page.

If you would like to become a national affiliate or get involved at your own university, please Contact: Founder / National Coordinator: Vijay Khiani.

NLVS Constituion

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